Growing up in the Carmel area influenced me deeply.  The ocean, trees, animals and land as well as the people are so full of color and spirit that it was (and still is) like living in an enchanted land straight out of a fairy tale.  One particular influence from childhood was my mother’s jeweler in Carmel Valley, Joseph Ricupero of Guiseppe’s Workbench. As I watched him work, I saw him as both a great magician and Christmas Elf crafting beautiful treasures and spreading joy. That is what I wanted to do!  And, through a long journey full of interesting destinations and experiences I became a professional jeweler working at my own bench. I have worked for retail stores as well as for a trade shop that catered to multiple retail stores before working on my own.  

I love combining the art world with the jewelry world to create one-of-a-kind “wearable art” of my own designs but I especially love working one-on-one with people to create a custom pieces just for them or as a special gift.  Either way it is always a fun, memorable and meaningful occasion.