Marta creates beautiful works of art with jewelry. She is an expert at designing a one-of-a kind piece and you will be thrilled with the end results!  Lesley Kirk Cayce 

Marta is a beautiful and soulful artist who sees clearly into the hearts of her clients. I treasure the intricate piece she made me, designed for someone who loves and works with animals.  Billie Dean 

Marta’s designs are exquisitely delicate and original!  She pours her heart and artistic soul into each piece that she creates.  Her work comes alive with her immeasurable attention to detail, with every creation telling a delightfully unique story!  Robyn Justo

Marta nailed it when I asked her to make me a one-of-a-kind ring. I asked for it to have two diamonds that my diamond from my engagement ring would sit in the middle of and to have it attached to a band that was engraved with a Celtic knot. It’s was definitely everything I asked for and so much more with beautiful hand engraving. It’s one of my favorite piece and a true work of art!  Nikki Tapia

Marta Irvin is one of the most talented creative artists I know. She is a jeweler, a painter, a sculptor, and a creator. Pretty much, give her a medium, and she will find a way to craft something beautiful, and inspiring from it.

Over many years of knowing Marta, she has made many things for me – a carved gold medallion pendant, glass-fired beads, stained glass, and most recently, a pet portrait pendant (the little black and white Lhasa Apso, “Sunny” on her website https://jewelrybymarta.com).

The thing is, Marta’s work goes beyond talent, precision, and detail. Marta puts heart and soul and thoughtful individualized care into every movement, thoughtfully creating not only beauty, but heart-felt mementos that will last a lifetime. Every piece she makes is special and unique.

As an artist, Marta is kind, friendly, and accessible – willing to work with you to create your vision, and if you happen to have an open vision – she is full of ideas!

With all my enthusiasm, I recommend Marta and her work. Her creative process is truly a gift, but also something that she continually works at to grow and learn new things about her craft.  S.G., long-time friend and reveler in beautiful, creative, Marta-made things!